We Bring Worlds To Life

More than a motto

At Savage Mojo, "We bring worlds to life" is a promise, from gamers to gamers. With Suzerain we create tabletop RPG settings, but we're not just publishers of roleplay books. We're active online, always engaging with our community, and weaving stories together through the Legends Awaken initiative. The way we see it, roleplaying isn't just a book. Every session should be an event, and if you join Legends Awaken that's what we offer you.

A Universe In Gaming

Any story, any setting - that's Suzerain

We created the Suzerain universe over 20 years ago as a "meta-setting" that allows heroes and adventures to move and change with your gaming group. For instance, play in a fantasy realm for as long as you like, then shift to science fiction or cosmic horror or any other place and genre when you get restless. All the time you keep the characters you love and watch them grow through their new challenges. The setting is ours, the journey is yours.


Be That Hero

Be who you want to be, no matter who you are

At Savage Mojo we believe every gamer deserves the chance to be the hero of their own adventure. We support roleplaying as a positive social activity for people of all ages and backgrounds and lifestyles, and encourage a safe, understanding environment - especially for vulnerable gamers who may have physical or mental health issues. We'll always do our best to make Suzerain and Legends Awaken a great experience for you.

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